Tickets to FOSSY are tiered to be inclusive for all folks. This includes access to all workshops and talks, and a smile and thank you from all our conference staff and volunteers!

We are also looking for volunteers to help with registration, guiding attendees from transit to the venue, and many other opportunities if you'd like to donate your time instead of money to attend our conference.

Community Member

$200 - For all community members


$500 - Your professional status will be indicated with a special lanyard or other badge indicator

One for me, one for you

$1000 - provides admittance for you and donation to help support the conference

Reduced fare

$35 - for anyone for whom money is tight, this price is full attendance

If you have any financial hardship from this ticket price, please reach out to us at Please reach out, even if you are not sure if your situation qualifies as we'd like to help as many people as possible.